Recently I read about some New York teens that were charged with rape in New York City. It has me thinking…. And I always get the question, how do you represent those people? I represent those people because I believe in the structure of this Country, which was founded upon the premise that no one can say you’ve committed a crime without proving it. I believe in the Constitution, which specifically indicates that you are innocent until your guilt is proven in a court of law… and not in the media. I also fight for everyone the same because any one of my clients could be one of the teens from New York who were persecuted in the media only to not be prosecuted because the complaining witnesses were anything but honest. READ HERE

All of the modern cases in the news make it clear that the role of a defense attorney that will work for you and achieve the best possible outcome is still needed in this day and time. I work very hard to be that defense attorney to my clients. Going above and beyond for my clients is a job that I take very seriously and one I refuse to fail at.