Serious criminal charges require serious legal representation. When life and liberty are at stake, rely on the experience and skill of a seasoned criminal defense attorney.

Felony criminal charges are among the most serious charges you can face. Being charged with a felony exposes you to long prison sentences and high monetary penalties, but the loss of freedom and potential financial ruin are only half the story. The stigma of being a convicted felon follows you for life, even long after you’ve served your time.

When you are faced with felony criminal charges, you need a strong advocate experienced in defending these most serious criminal cases. When life and liberty are at stake, you need a lawyer that will protect your rights, help you navigate the complicated criminal justice system, and always fight with your best interests at heart.

Attorney Brittany B. Kimble has handled many serious felony cases, including first-degree murder charges, in both state and federal courts. Her experience allows her to craft the strongest defense possible and zealously advocate for you both in and out of the courtroom. She understands how the prosecution analyzes the case, and she will always guide you based on your best interests.

Attorney Kimble will identify the best defense strategy and be your champion in the courtroom. She will never recommend a plea deal just to quickly conclude your case.   She is continuously guided by the principle that justice must be done.